Striving for Social Media Gold in January 2018

New Year, New Me. Cliché? Yes, definitely. Peer pressures push ourselves and get out of our ‘same old, same old’ routine? Well, that’s what we’re hoping for Social Media…

If your company’s Social Media is still not creating the type of customer engagement and sales that you anticipated, then LCA. fully support clichéd statements of change. We have gathered together 5 Social Content Styles that we think ALL brands need to embrace in 2018 to create a more inviting and results driven Social Media presence. But remember, avoid being too ‘In your Face BUY My Product/Service NOW’.

1. Pretty as a Picture

You might be thinking my first point is a big obvious, and I hope you do. It is alarming the number of brands that are still posting content that is pure text. Content posted to any Social Media platform that is just text is in one word ‘Scrollable’. Yes, I may have made this word up but as a Social Media Content Creator and user, I feel like it best describes text only content. Why? Because users (myself included) scroll right over it and don’t give it any attention.

Always ensure any content on Social Media, whether is be a standard post, event, offer, competition etc, has an image attached to it. Now we have demanded the pictures to be present, you may be wondering “but what kind of image do I include?” The answer – High Quality, Personal, Branded and Relevant. Below is a great example by a local brand who have ticked off all the elements of an engaging Social Media Post.

2. Video

Did you know that people around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago? This is because videos are high preforming and are a great way for your brand to put a bit more personality into promotions.

Videos are a great opportunity for you and your team to get creative with your brand while sharing unique content with your current and potential customers. Styles of videos that get usually get higher levels of engagement and really strike up audience interest are humorous/ joke videos, tutorials, or high quality ‘real life’ promotional videos. An example of this is this video by the Merchant Hotel Belfast. This video was a promotion of the different things to do at the hotel during Christmas, but they disguised it as a fun video of their team getting ready for Santa Visiting.

3. Competitions

It may seem like competitions are all over Social Media, and it is no surprise that giveaways and the chance of winning a prize gets people interacting with your post. BUT the real ROI only works on competitions that are relevant to your brand. If you are a retail brand, give away vouchers for your store, products or a personal shopper experience – not a meal for two at a local restaurant. This means you are actually promoting products or services that are relevant to you.

You never know, someone may see your giveaway and want the product that much that they come in and buy it anyway (we are speaking from experience!) Here is an example by Irish Jewellery company Argento. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their brand they were giving away £500 to spend at Argento with a hashtag #ARGEN20. Was it a popular giveaway that resulted in high? Yes. Does it promote the longevity of the brand and offers that they have in store and online that most likely resulted in sales? Yes!

4. Offers

Offers are great and engaging Social Media Ad Content, and this is usually down to one thing – a marketing term called ‘ Sense of Urgency’. When your current and potential customers are reached by an offer, it should be made clear that it is a ‘Special Offer’ and won’t last forever. Another element that should be included in an offer, and all Social Media posts for that matter, is a clear Call To Action. Placing a Call To Action at the end of a post (and especially an offer) is important as it gives your customers a clear direction of how to avail of the offer.

Facebook has now created specific buttons for CTA’s and these include ‘Buy Now; Learn More; Click Here; Call Us Now; or Sign Up.’ This allows you to insert either a link to your website which takes the customer directly to the buy page, a chance to call you or input their information. A great example of a successful Special Offer post on Facebook is this by the Galgorm Resort & Spa. They were promoting a special, LIMITED offer for an overnight stay and meal, which was an online exclusive. This post received huge engagement levels and most likely sales. To be honest, I’m sorry I missed out on this one… everyone could use a spa day now and then!

5. Humour and Personality

Humour is an effective way to add a bit of personality and a more light hearted feel to your brand’s Social Media. Brands big and small use humour to inject a more ‘Social’ feel to their Social Media and it has been effective for many brands in making them more approachable and likeable. You need to ask yourself what makes your product/ service different from your competitors – what is your USP? This could be many things, but one of the most effective for earning attention and customers through Digital Media – Brand Personality.

No matter how technical your product or service may be, becoming more relatable and approachable to customers is usually a good thing. An industry who have really dove into Brand Personality and Humour to attract new customers, Banks. Halifax have teamed up with big 90’s cartoon characters to create humorous ads to attract customers in there 20’s and early 30’s. These are the people who are now taking out mortgages and opening savings accounts but they are also the ones who grew up watching Scooby Doo. An example of a successful Irish Brand that regularly used humour on their Social Media are Boojum.

Team LCA. are a creative team who love to work with brands from a mix of industries. Some of the industries we currently work with include Food, Media, Property, Retail, Recruitment, Technology and more! We specialise in Social Media Audit, Content Creation, Online Ad Creation and Management and Marketing Strategy.

If you would like to have a confidential chat about the opportunities for your brand, drop us an email or a call us.

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The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Part Three

In this three part series blog, LCA will delve into the key fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Learn what content to create, when to post your content and how to engage your audience.

Part Three

Growth Hacks

A recent study revealed that Organic Facebook Reach has declined by 20% in 2017, across all post types. This means that on average, less than 5% of your audience will see each of your organic posts.

What does this mean for businesses Social Growth and Engagement?

Firstly, it means that you really need to be creating eye catching content with a clear CTA. This style of content twill increase your chances of audience engagement and reach. Video is still the most engaging style of content across all Social Media platforms. However, audience standards and expectations have increased, meaning any videos must be high quality, short and punchy. On Facebook, the average length of a video published in the first quarter was 3 minutes and 48 seconds, but the average time watched was only 10 seconds or only 4% of the full video length.

Ensuring Return On Investment on Social Media Campaigns

Calculating the ROI of a social media campaign will be determined by the planned outcomes, Social Media not only helps in completing a conversion but also help in initiating and assisting the conversions which are completed by other marketing channels (like Organic, PPC, Email, Display, Direct, Referral etc).
 Social Media Advertisements will not only significantly increase your reach, but it allows you to target specific audience demographics. Why is this valuable? It will enable you to engage with not only your existing audience, but reach new customers and overall increase your Social Media following. A positive ROI will require smarter advertising solutions; Optimised Paid Social. At LCA. we are experienced in providing our clients with high preforming Optimised Paid Social Content and delivery. And, we don’t stop there. Using our Optimisation Software, we ensure our clients Paid Social Content is not only performing at its best, but can save our clients on average 33% on their budget.

If you’d like to discuss working with LCA, email us here.

The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Part Two

Social Media Marketing

In this three part series blog, LCA will delve into the key fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Learn what content to create, when to post your content and how to engage your audience.

Part Two

Optimum Timings; Best Time to Post

There is no magic time that will allow your most valuable audience to view your Social Media content. There is, however, a process you can undertake to learn when is the optimum time for your unique audience to see your content. The quick solution lies within the ‘Facebook Insights’ tab on your business page. There is a section within the ‘Insights’ tab which provides you with a time line. This timeline displays when most of your followers are active on Facebook. This gives you an indiction on when it is a good time to post to allow the largest proportion of your followers to view your content and ultimately, engage with it.

Social Media Post Timings

The general ‘Rule of Thumb’ for most businesses and optimum posting times is 8am, 1pm and 9pm. As you can probably guess, this is the time people wake up (and check their Facebook while lying in bed), have their lunch break and then when they sit down to relax in the evening. However, this is not the case for all brands. E.G if your target audience is stay at home parents, it may be best to post in the late morning. Or if you are a B2B company, it may be more effective to post during working hours, when the information is relevant to your customers.

Ultimately, to gain insight into your optimum posting time, it is a combination of ‘Insight’ software, market research, Social Media Reporting and ‘Trial & Error’.

Part Three is up next!

The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Part One

Social Media Marketing

Are you part of one of the many businesses that have created a Social Media Profile and then just sort of stopped there? Creating Social Profiles across different platforms is just the first step. To be honest, in this business climate, it is the bare minimum. In fact, inactive Social Media profiles will give online users a negative brand impression. Where businesses admit to struggling with their Social Media Marketing is creating regular, creative content that is not repetitive but still relevant to their Social Strategy and brand.

In this three part series blog, LCA will delve into the key fundamentals of Social Media Marketing; Learn what content to create, when to post your content and how to engage your audience.

Part One

Keep Your Audience Interested.

Change the format of your social postings to keep your audience interested in your content. What we mean by format is post a video, then the next post could be a link, then an image, etc. For example, a lot of recruitment companies tend to only post links to their website to promote different available job roles. Yes, this is necessary content, as it will drive interested audience members to your website and ultimately they will apply for jobs. BUT if someone is visiting your profile for the first time and are scrolling though your feed, they WILL be put off by the repetitive posts. Also, it could put you at risk of losing your current followers. Most likely 9/10 of your posts will not apply to them. So customers will either switch off and automatically scroll over your posts, or worse unfollow you because they find you irritating and ‘spam’.

We recommend creating a Social Scheduling Calendar. This will allow you to see an overview of your content formats and switch things about as necessary. We have created a simple example below;

We recommend creating a Social Scheduling Calendar. This will allow you to see an overview of your content formats and switch things about as necessary. LCA. provide clients with access to a real-time, 24/7 Social Media Calendar. Not only is this an important tool for our clients to collaborate content ideas with our team, but it allows organic content to be scheduled in advance at optimum times… Part Two coming shortly!

If you’d like to discuss working with LCA, email us here.

The Social Media Trends of Summer 2017

Seasonal Marketing is a technical term for reacting and acknowledging Seasonal Trends (with the real biggie being Christmas for social selling). But let’s talk #SummerVibes #BeachBody #HotDogsorLegs #PoolParty #BeachLife #Travel and our personal favourite (and most practised #HolidaySelfie!) These are the Hashtags that have been taking over Social Media since Summer season arrived. Users are posting them, engaging with them and even searching for them. They are also doing this while travelling around the world. In fact, a staggering 77% of people admitted to posting a Social Media update of their Holiday. LCA. believe that businesses, across all industries should be embracing Social Media, while staying true to their core brand values. Let’s take a look at the Social Media Trends of Summer 2017 so far, along with tips on how you can implement trends into your own strategy;

Join in on the #Travel

Any of your team heading off on Holiday? Ask them to share their holiday experience with your business;

“Look where our Marketing Officer Harry is right now! It’s fair to say everyone left behind in the Branding dept. are very jealous right now. (Insert quote about the destination from team member)“

The Travel/Social Media combination is becoming so powerful that ‘Travel Blogs’ on Social Media are becoming a prominent influencer. Generally people say they enjoy quality images of destinations, with 97% of millennials saying they share pictures while travelling,. Users also admit to searching holiday locations on Social Media platforms like Instagram.

Although this Social Marketing Tactic has great possibilities in terms of engagement, it should be approached with caution. Ensure the image and location that is selected is not only brand appropriate, but also Social Media appropriate. Avoid any imagery of people in revealing swim wear, drinking alcohol or in destinations which could be thought of as controversial. Before posting any imagery of a team members holiday, ask yourself “Could this offend anyone?”

Embrace the #SummerVibes

One of the most important things about Social Marketing that LCA. try to remind clients is the need to give their brand a personal element. If you are a Small Business, embrace things going on in your local area! Summer time usually means different events are happening around the world, from Food Fairs to Fun Runs. Get your brand involved and PROMOTE IT!

Is a member of your team running the Marathon? Share it on your companies Social Media Platforms. Social Media audiences like to see the people behind a brand. Content with an element of personality and fun tend to get higher engagement in the right circumstances.

Is your target market 18 to 30 year olds? Studies have shown that this target market group like brands who they see as giving back to the community. Why not hold your own summer party or event in the office. What about an ‘Office Outing’ to support a local event? Whatever you do, don’t forget to capture it with imagery and video. Post whatever you are up to pre-event, post-event and live from the event.

Less #Getaways, more #Giveaways

It is important to create brand true, seasonal, Summer content. The only catch, a lot of other brands are too. A great way to increase engagement during the ‘Summer Saturation’ is a competition. Competitions can receive high levels of engagement and often allow brands to reach new customers, even during this busy Social Media season. Brands, on average, receive 34% more new fans with a Facebook competition.

LCA. work with brands to enable them to get the most out of their Social Marketing Tactics through Social Optimisation. This will not only allow you to save money on your ad, but also reach your specific target audience, even when they’re on a #Getaway! Remember, keep the competition brand appropriate. If you are a service brand, why not run a competition to win tickets to a local concert or restaurant vouchers?

If you think you would like to speak to the LCA. Team about the Social Marketing opportunities for your business, drop us an email

4 Social Media Marketing Tips for SMEs

With over 118,000 SME’s in Northern Ireland (including ourselves) we are passionate to see small businesses succeed in a thriving marketplace. What small business owners don’t realise is that they aren’t required to pay colossal fees in order to build a strong and valuable customer base online. An active and engaging social media presence is more prevalent than ever – with 71%* of Social Media Users saying they are more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow online, according to Ad Week. Businesses run the risk of capturing potential customers or even worse, losing existing customers. Remember, it costs considerably more acquiring a new customer than what it does retaining one. 

Innovative and professional Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and make your business stand out from the reams of online “noise”. With 65 million*3 business pages on Facebook alone, how do you stand out? One simple answer – Optimised Social Media Advertising.

1. What’s Working?

Facebook provide Ad Manager insights, which is an effective tool to see how your ads are preforming. By teaming up with LCA. we not only optimise your Social Advertising across multiple platforms, so you get more effective results for your budget – achieving cost efficiency of up to 33%.  We also help you to understand social media marketing while educating you throughout the process. You’ll soon see what’s working, what’s not working and how Optimised Paid Social could benefit your business greatly.

Danny Mcbride Leaving Work GIF by Vice Principals  - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Learn From Others, Don’t Copy Them.

The benefit of all your competitors being on Social Media, you can see them! Knowing what your competitors are up to and what is working for them is great competitor research. It is important however to not copy your competitors activity. This WILL be caught out and WILL have a negative impact on your brand. Instead, be inspired by their successful content and learn from their mistakes. LCA. undertake a competitor analysis for new clients to help them understand where they stand against their competitors across Social Media Platforms, plus more.

Im Learning GIF by Chelsea Handler - Find & Share on GIPHY


3. Let Your Creativity Flow.

Social Media enables big advertising ideas to fit onto a screen. Video is now one of the most popular Social Media contents and is a powerful tool to help small businesses get noticed. Facebook alone now sees 100 million*2 hours of daily video watch time. Although it is still a case of quality over quantity. Most of us do not have the time to be creating amazing video content on a daily basis. Just simply incorporate it into your Social Media Calendar. Aim to be creating engaging video content once a week or fortnight. When not using video, ALWAYS use images. Visual content is 40*3 times more likely to be shared on social media than other forms of content? We at LCA. have a team who love working with new brands and getting creative! We have the skills and resources to create branded imagery, logos and video content – plus more.

Video GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



4. Be Social With Your Social Advertising. 

If you’re creating engaging content that opens up a line of communication and invites your audience in, then remember that it is equally as important to engage back. Responding to your customers and potential customers in a timely and witty manner can work wonders for your brand, such as this recent example from ‘The Dead Rabbit’, recently crowned the “Best Bar in the World” and originally hailing from NI. Other businesses – big and small – take note. Following this Facebook post, reams of positive words followed from the bar’s loyal fans to dispel all negativity from the Google review. Hats off boys!













The more successful your Social Media Advertising – the more interaction you have to manage. This is why it is important to invest in your Social Media Management. LCA. work with your business to ensure your Social Media Marketing and Advertising are constantly active, your online audience are served with creative content and that your users are engaged with. Find out about our competitive cost packages by simply dropping us an email. 

*1 – Facebook Business

*2 –

*3 –

Customer Service on Social Media; 5 Actions to Implement when taking a Humanised, Social Media Marketers Approach

You get a negative comment on your company’s Social Media Page, what do you do? If you ignore them, respond angrily, or tell them to take their custom elsewhere, you are missing out on opportunities! Yes – complaints can be annoying, especially on Social Media when they are there for everyone to see. But view them as a chance to build your Brand and Reputation. How you interact and deal with Social Media Complaints can leave an impression on your audience. It is just another form of good Customer Service! Here are 5 actions to implement when taking a humanised, social media marketers approach to Customer Service on social media.

  1. Listen – You should be engaging in Social Media Listening, to hone in on your Brand activity and pick up on any negative ‘whispers’. I know what you are probably thinking – “Who has the time for 24/7 monitoring?” This is why more and more businesses are outsourcing their Social Media Marketing to Agencies. Social Media Marketing Agencies have the tools and expertise to handle Social Media Listening. Which will ultimately improve and strengthen your Brand Presence. When it comes to individual complaints, Listen. Really listen to what the customer is saying and their tone of voice. Is it appropriate to be apologise, reassure, explain or justify? Whatever the complaint remember there is always a solution. It may also be an opportunity to turn a complaint into a positive story.
  2. Be Human –

    “We take complaints very seriously. Please email further details to”.

    Who has seen this type of response before on Social Media? Who thinks it is impersonal and dismissive? Exactly! This is NOT good Social Media Customer Service. You need to be social with your Social Media. Respond to complaints with empathy and a personal voice. No matter how aggressive or agitated the complaint is always remain friendly. Customers can find it easy to scream and insult a brand. But what if all of a sudden the response is human. Respond in a personal, friendly tone of voice and with a name. Most people will find it a lot more difficult to shout at a person than at a faceless company. Start by introducing yourself, immediately apologise and offer to help.

    “Hi my name is Caroline. I’m so sorry to hear this, I would really like to help put this right”.

    If a customer feels like someone is really listening to them, it may help to defuse some of the anger. But remember to still be professional. Be personal, but not too emotional.

  3. Be Quick – Think about your response, but do not take a long time to craft it. Speed is more important on Social Media, especially if the complaint is public. Not to mention, Facebook discloses a business’s average response time. Need we say anymore? Most loyal customers would be happy with a response from you in a few days. Difficult customers, who are openly angry, expect within minutes or hours. If you are in anyway active after someone has posted a complaint, this can look like you are ignoring them. Responding quickly to a complaint shows to all that you are a Brand who appreciates their customers (even the annoying ones). Businesses are notoriously bad for responding quickly to complaints. If you respond quickly it could set you apart from the competition. If you are pressed for time or it is a particularly tricky complaint respond like this;

    “Hi, my name is Caroline. I am very sorry about this bad experience you have had. We are looking into it and will get  back to you with a solution as soon as we can. If you need anything else in the mean time please do not hesitate to contact me”. 

    This gives the human aspect we have already established is important and lets the customer know they have your attention.

  4. Go Public – In some situations it can be a sensible decision to move  the conversion of a complaint to a closed forum, i.e. a phone call or email. However, you should initially always respond publicly. If someone comes to your Facebook page and sees negative reviews or comments with no response they may go elsewhere. If someone comes to your Facebook page and sees negatives comments which were quickly responded to and solved they may view you as a personal and trust worthy brand.
  5. Resolve the Issue – It is not enough to just acknowledge a complaint. You need to address the complaint and fix the issue. If your business can afford to offer a refund/ voucher or some other way to deal with the issue on a deeper level, do so. This can win over your Difficult Customers and turn negative activity on your Social Media into positive activity. Your Social Media audience will remember how you dealt with a complaint rather than the complaint itself if you do it effectively. You have to show those customers who aren’t difficult that you will go above and beyond for your customers, even if they are being unfair!

Bottom line – when dealing with Difficult Customers on Social Media; Respond quickly and publicly, be human but not too emotional and find a way to fix the issue.

If you feel like your business could benefit from a Social Media manager, drop LCA an email here and we’ll respond very timely

5 Top Tips to Revitalise Your Social Media Marketing in Spring

5 Top Tips to Revitalise Your Social Media Marketing in Spring

revitalise your social media

Tis the season… the season for revitalising, renewal, spring cleaning – you get the gist. Yes, Spring is all about a shift in season, a new mindset and an opportunity to take on a fresh approach on your social media marketing to even further connect your social media follower to your brand. Here’s how;

  1. Brand. First things first. If you want customers to be aware of your business and to see it as trustworthy and credible – you must ensure brand consistency. When looking through all your social media profiles and platforms you need to ensure your Brand Voice is the same. You can do this quite simply. Ensure your profile pictures on all accounts are the same. The bios, product descriptions, URL links should be consistent across all platforms.
  2. Activities and Engagement Breakdown. Essentially this means how often you are posting, and how many are people interacting with your activity. A great way of ensuring consistent and strategic activity is to set up a Social Media Calendar. To better understand your engagement levels, you should start to create insight reports. Most Social Media Platforms provide some type of Account Insights for businesses, but it can be helpful to outsource this work to make the most of your Social Media Marketing. After all, post engagement is one of the most important elements of linking customers to a brand.
  3. Prioritise your platforms. By evaluating your activity and engagement, you should discover your most effective and least effective Social Media Platforms. In order to ensure your Social Media Activity is dormant, you need to invest time and resources into of your platforms. However, if you know what your primary platform is (our money’s on Facebook), then this is where you should allocate significant budget to.
  4. Competitors. As a business, you should be aware of your Top Competitors. A key part of any Social Media Revitalistation is to go back to the drawing board. Undertake a Research and Competitor Analysis. Not only is this necessary to gain insight into competitor activities, but it is also a great inspiration. Knowing what your competitors are doing well is a useful ruler to measure your own efforts against. On the other side, knowing what they are lacking can give you an advantage. If you are a new business, a Competitor Analysis is even more important. Investigating brands that you admire or share values with is a great way to learn and create a vision on which to build your Social Media Presence.
  5. Goals. After tallying up your Social Media Presence, measure the results against your present Goals. Goal setting is essential to know if you have or haven’t succeeded with your Social Media Activities. Objective setting should take place at the beginning of any new project or activity. Here at LCA, we review our objectives and goals weekly from both an internal agency perspective and for our clients. These goals relate to engagement levels, follower growth and sale conversions.

Want to discuss Social Media Advertising opportunities for your business? Contact LCA. today.

23 Social Media Rituals You Should Practice In 2017.

23 Social Media Rituals You Should Practice In 2017.

When you take away the cliches, Marketing is about one thing; growth. It is about growing your company, your positive reputation, your audience to ultimately make an impact on your bottom line. Here are the 23 Social Media Rituals You Should Practice In 2017. Read, practise and preach. They will improve your Social Media Marketing instantly.

Where To Start? To begin, concentrate on establishing one “rich” content stream — a blog, a video series, or a podcast. This will be your main point of content as your social presence grows.

Find your Feet. It is tempting to chase every shiny new object in the Social Media Universe – Infographics, Live Video, or whatever is the new trend this week. RESIST THE URGE.  Build a strong audience base on one platform before expanding. Don’t stretch yourself too thin before you have the resources to support it. You may end up diluting the quality of your Social Media Marketing.

Don’t obsess about finding your “Voice”, you already have one!  As long as it is appropriate, non-offensive and relevant, just write, record, video or however you want to communicate. You will find your voice when you start. Look back over content, ask a colleague for a second opinion. Soon it will be second nature!

giphy the voiceRemember, we are all HUMAN. While being professional is important, we are all human. Being professional doesn’t have to mean we loose our humanity and personality. In every social media post,  in every engagement – Strive to be HUMAN! The most human company will win with audience.

Content is Only the Start. How are you going to get that content viewed and shared? For social media presence to be successful, you have to consider Social Optimisation (*Link to LCA HomePage).

Strive for Relevance. When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Relevance can be more important than ROI.

Don’t Just Do It For The Sake Of It. If you don’t know the fundamentals of marketing, you are just checking a box with your social media presence and probably wasting a lot of time and money.

Accept What Is. Stop worrying about the ‘Next Facebook’ – it’s safe to assume, IT IS FACEBOOK.

Earn The Attention. Want your content to be read and appreciated by your audience, – then you have got to earn it. Be strategic, continuous and qualitative with your content. Persist and it will happen.

Accept your limitations. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to operate  a Website or Social Optimisation Platforms, outsource the responsibility to someone who does.Office GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Attack The Issues, Not The people. There will be situations and people you will not agree with when it comes to Social Media. ALWAYS remain professional and kind when faced with these situations.

Be Original. Your business may have competitors, but remember, there is only one you. Be original and true to yourself and you will stand out.

Don’t be a Wannabe. It is ok to have a niche. By creating content and engagement that is relevant, you will attract a more worthwhile audience.

Cut the Fluff. When it comes to Social Media content writing you need to be entertaining, but if you drone on too much – you loose audience attention.

Make Time. Some businesses will insist they don’t have the time for Social Media, but we all have the same amount of time, it is about making it a Priority. Fact – customers are engaging on social media and discovering products and services there.

The Late Late Show With James Corden GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Be Patient. A strong Social Media following can take time. By being consistent and strategic with content and investing in Paid Social you will get there.

DEMAND ATTENTION. Social Media users are scanners. By using punching headlines and attractive imagery and videos, you can attract and keep customer attention.

Give It What Its Worth. Yes it is true, short, image/ video driven content preforms well on Social Media. But if there is an issue or event that is worthy of longer treatment, give it that. However, do not waste Social Media Users time, you will risk becoming ‘spam’. A good happy medium, is to ‘host’ longer video or article type content on your website. You then promote it’s presence and direct customers to it via Social Media.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Be Social With Your Social Media. Have a call to action for all your Social Media Content, but that doesn’t always have to be a ‘Sales Pitch’.

Twit Twoo. Because of the content limit on Tweets, it is a great way of encouraging your Twitter Audience to follow links to content on your website. Use this for the like  of articles, blogs, news or long videos.

Be Creative. Doing what your competitors are doing to remain competitive is only going to get you so far on Social Media. Shake things up and be the one to copy! Use a new Social Media Channel, engage with a new demographic, address a new topic – use your own interests!

Do the Math. For Social Media Marketing to be successful, you must analyse your activity and use the data collected to improve and grow.

Tom Hardy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Fear not. Successful Social Media Marketing can be achieved. We do this daily for our clients. The key ingredients to success are meaningful content, a relevant audience, authentic customer service and investment in Optimised Social Media. Ask LCA about it and how we are able to reduces your Facebook Ad spend by approximately 33% – with even better results.

LCA + Social Media = True Social Media Love

LCA + Social Media = True Social Media Love.  

Since Valentines Day is fast approaching, we thought we’d go all ‘soppy’ and Declare Our Love of Social Media! Like any loving relationship, it has it’s good points … and some bad points! By laying out the pros and cons of all our Social Media streams, we’ re going to give you the ‘low down’ on our relationship!

FacebookDeclaring our Love of Social Media

Facebook will hit 2 BILLION users this year following an impressive fourth quarter and is the most popular social network globally. These users are your existing and potential customers, and Facebook is one of the most effective ways to find and communicate with them!

Facebook Ads compared to traditional print, radio and TV ads, are relatively inexpensive and targeting is INCOMPARABLE. Even better, the more effective you are with targeting your Facebook ads, you can keep costs lower. Facebook also makes it easy to monitor how effective your Facebook ads are and your general Facebook presence through ‘Insights’. Facebook is also a great tool to create and sustain Brand Loyalty. If your followers see you as active and responsive they’re much more likely to do business with you than a company with a poorly run page. Facebook is also a great way to increase web traffic to your site, boost your SEO, be mobile compatible and even monitor competition!

Although, due to the nature of a social media, it’s easy for a competitor, angry customer or disgruntled employee to post unwanted or even slanderous comments on your Facebook wall. Followers who mean well may even post using language or images that are not in line with your brand. Being responsive to all activity, both positive and negative requires commitment, but is not impossible. It is invested time.


By their third quarter of 2016, Twitter announced they had 317 million active users, and just like Facebook, these users are customers.

Twitter is a lot more direct and compact than Facebook, which makes it simple to use. There is a 140 character limit on all written content, which can force us as businesses to be concise and think clearly before posting something. The added feature of ‘Hashtags’ is a way of filtering your content and providing context for Twitter users. Alongside the 140 character limit, photos and videos can also be added to a Tweet, allowing us to still be creative and visual with our content. Tweets are designed to be compact and spread quickly through the engagement options. Twitter is designed for content to ‘go viral’ which can make it a fast and effective marketing tool.

Creating a Twitter Hashtag comes with risks and in the past they have backfired on businesses. An example is McDonald’s #McDStories. This sponsored hashtag quickly backfired as everyone from disgruntled employees to animal rights activists used it to embarrass McDonalds and within 24hours they shut their sponsored hashtag down. It’s not all bad though and strategic creative thinking can help you to avoid disasters.


Generally businesses look to Twitter as their next in line Social Media account after Facebook, despite Instagrams‘ 600 MILLION active users and it being owned by Facebook!

Instagram has a wide user demographic and is the go-to visual Social Media Platform. It also, like Facebook, has a Business Style account to differentiate the user abilities from a standard personal account. As a business you can enter your company’s phone number, email address, and physical address, making your business more accessible to customers.  Instagram Business accounts also have the function to ‘Promote Posts’. The promotion itself can be created right in Instagram using an existing or new post. The process is identical to Facebook and Instagram also provides an ‘Insights’ option for businesses too!

Businesses may find it difficult to commit to Instagram as it is essentially mobile run. The desktop function for Instagram is a lot more limited and this can be off-putting for businesses and those working for them, who might not want to have ‘business matters’ on their personal phones. But don’t be put off by the ‘King of Mobile Social Media.’ The level and demographics of users is too great to over-look and if you are dedicated, the possibilities are endless!


By the end of 2016, Snapchat reported 158 million daily users, with even more owning a snapchat account! Despite this high user levels, Snapchat is still somewhat an emerging Social Media Platform that is regularly updating and moving past a simple way to share photos and videos that will disappear.

For businesses Snapchat is a one-on-one connection with customers, and has opened a new way to engage with them on a personal level. Especially for local businesses with a close customer base, Snapchat can be a fun way to communicate and relate to your customers and unlike emails, snaps are sent to individuals unable to see others who were sent the snap, making it feel like a message meant just for them! Snapchat is also a new medium for competitions and promotions. With tools like SnapChat filters it is a great way to encourage customer interaction or even direct potential customers who are in your local area. This can be done with On Demand Geofilters.

Snapchat. does however, pose A potential risk that is yet to unfold. With more and more businesses joining the app, users may assume they’ll constantly be receiving spam snaps. This is a high risk to the Snapchat experience which could result in the app losing its appeal. With potential customers, one persons “Oh that’s fun!” is another person’s “Stop bombarding me!”. Using the app effectively may mean less, but more meaningful content. Like Instagram, Snapchat is mobile run, which again can be off putting for businesses. But there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users, so it is maybe something businesses will need to come to terms with.

Alas, a true love story… In the world of social media. 🤓

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