Are You Committing the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media?

Are you aware of the 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media? You should be… Social media is no longer a choice, but a necessity for all businesses. Customers expect a social media presence, and it can be considered minimal to just have one platform. This is now considered common knowledge as 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels! With social media being at the forefront of digital marketing activity, why do so many still commit social media sins?! From posts we regret to not posting at all, we are going to take you through the 7 deadly sins. You’ll be transformed into a social media saint before you know it.


Social media is a great way of opening up conversation with social media users, and online word of mouth can often be the best form of advertising. However, not all social media communication is positive, and at times we can find ourselves on the end of negativity from the general public – that of which should NEVER be ignored, such as reviews left on your page. Letting this go unmanaged may result in it gaining more momentum. Monitoring your social media activity and reacting quickly to any negativity the correct way is ultimately good customer service and a quash tactic for any unsavoury comments on your page.

Pride - Don't ignore negativity


There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, but don’t be tempted to cut them down! Always remember the old cliche – ‘Be social’ with your social media platforms and interact with everyone – not only your followers but your competition too.  Positive interaction with your competition could turn their followers into yours and it is also a great way to monitor competitors… *This really works!*



Between online trolls and controversial presidential elects, it is easy to get worked up in todays crazy world. However it is important to not take out your frustrations on social media. Reacting to current events when appropriate is great for engagement, and can give your brand a voice. But it is important to react in the right way. Unless it is fitting with your brand, do not to create controversial or antagonising content on your social media as it could get you attention for all the wrong reasons! A prime example of this is when one of the people who managed Microsoft’s Twitter account dissed conservative talking head Ann Coulter from the Microsoft account. The outcome? They ended up having to publicly apologise. Swiftly moving on…



As 2016, there are 2.3 billion active social media users. This can cause us to often obsess over our number of followers, page likes and the amount of views we receive. It is important to note that by having a significant following on your social media platforms will boost your presence organically, it will also aid your credibility. (Is your page verified?) Once you have the numbers – it is vital that you don’t pause or even worse, stop your social media efforts. Be in tune with your audience, whoever and wherever they are. Think human to human. Engage and reward, then reap the benefits of social media marketing. It’s not about the big bang, it’s about constant responsiveness! Remember, as easily as they clicked ‘follow’ …they can click ‘unfollow’.



Interacting with a broad scope of users on social media is a good way to increase your followers and activity. But it is important to remember your brand personality and not to interact with social media activity that doesn’t fit with your business. Don’t blindly jump on a bandwagon… it could be seen as meaningless content by your existing followers and overall, damaging for your brand. Fast Food giant McDonald’s planned a social media campaign that would hopeful inspire people to visit memory lane. Mood: nostalgic. Scene location: McDonald’s. Result: Jokes about obesity and dog food. Indeed, #McDStories – when a Hasttag became a Bashtag, was a huge success, but not in the way they had hoped. In a matter of seconds, their Twitter profile was filled with horror stories from customers and ex-employees alike. McDonald’s had to remove the hashtag after only two hours. A week later, however, everyone was still using the abandoned hashtag.



Creating a social media channel and leaving it dormant is no longer an option. There are 1 million new mobile social users everyday, meaning they are active 24/7! Users are constantly searching for new content and interacting outside of the normal 9-5 working day. As a business, your social media activity should fit in with your followers schedules, not your own. With social media management collaborators, such as Zaapt (that’s what we use here at LCA) gives you the ability to create, collaborate, plan and schedule all of your Facebook and Twitter posts in advance. You’ve no excuse not to keep up with the demand for regular, everyday content. Always remember – Content is King, Amplification is Queen…



You also need a catalyst to drive lots of traffic and engagement to your post. This is what we call amplifying your content. This is where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter promoted posts come in. LCA optimises each promotion with our Optimised Paid Social (OPS) platform. Don’t be greedy with your online marketing spend. Advertising solutions are there for a reason – use them. Wisely. Last year social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising. Why? Because it works! Facebook is one of the biggest beneficiaries as advertisers, agencies and brands move money away from TV, press and radio to the internet and mobile platforms.  In a nutshell, OPS will ensure that your message is seen and heard by the people who matter to you most – your targeted audience.


If you really want to ensure that your social media marketing efforts are saint-like, reach out to LCA here.

The 3 C’s That You NEED To Know About This Season

Snow? Woolly jumpers? Mulled wine on tap? Non-stop indulgence? Christmas can mean different things to us all. In the commercial world, the Christmas season prompts an upsurge of social media marketing activity to ultimately drive awareness and increase sales.

At this time of year, we are subjected to approximately 20000 marketing messages per day to encourage new and existing shoppers to “buy-in” to their product or service. And of course, for the consumer, the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ comes along with the act of gifting and receiving. How do businesses ensure that their marketing messages are being heard and that are worth while in the season of marketing saturation?

More and more, we are looking to digital marketing as our main source of brand promotion, and rightly so. Digital “word of mouth” on our social media streams is the most effective form of advertising and it is valuable, that unlike Christmas, your digital marketing efforts is all year round… not seasonal. So, how do you attract and retain valuable customers at Christmas? By keeping calm and remembering the 3 C’s of Digital Marketing this Christmas Season:

1. Call-T0-Action

‘BUY 3 FOR THE PRICE OF 2! NEW CHRISTMAS STOCK IN STORE! ONINE EXCLUSIVE CHRISTMAS STOCK!’ Ring any bells? Right now, social media users are being flooded with Christmas promotions. As a business, especially a SME, it doesn’t matter how enticing your online content is if there is no Call To Action (CTA). It is all about creating an incentive or next step for your followers. Providing a call to action will transition your followers into customers. Why? Because you’re humanising your brand and engaging in conversation with your brand advocates. (Ka-ching!)

2. Conversation

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to create, nurture and develop conversation in an online community – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube… you get the drift. Conversation can be an quick response to a private message, post comment, tweet, screenshot. During this stage in the customer journey, it create a lasting impression of a business and often paves the way into making a direct sale during this vital point in the Shopper Journey. Inviting and engaging  in conversation should be 24/7 in the digital and social media marketing world. Today, online customers know want what they want immediately. This means the demand for conversation increases during Christmas, and the expectation must be met. In fact, 32% of people expect a response within 30 minutes. A further 10% expect a response within 60 minutes. The expectation doesn’t stop there: 57% of respondents expect the same service at night or on the weekend. Ensure you have a social media expert in place to do this for you.

3. Customer Life Time Value 

It may not seem it as the hype has just started but Christmas will end before we know it! It is important to consider Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) during a time when marketing budgets expand while overall consumer spend increases. Marketing saturation can mean that CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is higher, as we have to spend more not only to be considered by customers, but be seen as we compete in social media advertising space – although, this is much easier to do if you deploy OPS (Optimised Paid Social) – one of our specialisms here at LCA. Strategising how to sustain and nurture these relationships though a devised social media strategy will help to ensure your increased spending during the festive season was indeed, a long term investment. Take advantage of this time of year as an opportunity to catapult your brand on social media, increase your social media following and most importantly, gain new loyal customers and brand advocates.

If you really want to ensure that your marketing efforts are “heard” this Christmas (and in 2017) reach out to LCA!


Brand Block; It’s Time To Free Up Shelf Space.

Wham. Bam. Brand. Block. 

LCA Brand Block - Blog


This is when you just stop believing in and loving the brand, you have been loyal to for the longest time. It’s the marketing equivalent of television’s ‘jumping the shark’. The moment when we realized it was over for ‘Happy Days’ when ‘Fonzie’ water skiing, jumped over a shark!

Now in TV land when a series has passed its peak, the term ‘jumping the shark’ signals the end, although some series – ‘Big Brother’ – having long jumped the shark, is now jumping anything it can, to scratch out another year. Maybe it will ironically have BB contestants ‘jumping sharks’ to get a week’s supply of booze and Smiley Faces?

But, back to the seemingly inexhaustible process of extending brands to the point when you just want it all to stop. Why? Because maybe, just maybe a brand means more than stretching its equity and personality to the n th degree. However, isn’t it just being innovative, clever even and giving us more of what we want? Well maybe, but when I want a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate and the choice is just so humongous, with combinations of things that really don’t need to be combined in one bar of choccie, then the answer is no. Has Willy Wonka actually taken up a role at Cadbury? This might sound like good news, but really the story is a salutatory tale about excess, is there no irony left in the world?

Also Innocent, so beloved of the Smoothie drinking ‘naughties’. Why Innocent Orange Juice? Isn’t Orange Juice, well, just a little bit boring? I mean, you squeeze a few oranges and you have a glass of…. But a smoothie, an Innocent Smoothie was a thing of innovative beauty and yummy goodness. So, great they have taken all that knowledge and having educated our palates, decided that what we really want from them and they really ought to provide, is a few squeezed oranges?

Breakfast cereal for anyone? Apparently fewer and fewer of us do. Although a trip down the cereal aisle would have you believe differently, a non stop pageant of cartoon faces juxtaposed with images of bowel friendly brans and grains.

But that’s not where the brands have gone. No, they know we are ‘blending’ and ‘coffee sipping’ to go and don’t have time for actually sitting down to a tasty lactose drenched dose of vitamin enriched carbohydrate. Tasty when you think of it like that! So what happens? Kelloggs now follows you out of the house and down to the local shop / garage forecourt with a range of breakfast bars and now Muesli 5 Grain bars that mean, well that you don’t have to eat the actual cereal products they have spent so many years carefully enticing us to do so.

I know brands have to innovate to match our uber important lifestyle choices and that tastes change. That, to be profitable brand equity has to be leveraged. But ‘Brand Block’ is real – you can just go off a brand that tries too hard to be new, to be relevant in every situation and to dominate its category and take incursions into categories that it just has no bloody business being in.

So now you have a term for it, when you see one of your favourite brands, basically just ‘showing off’ think #BrandBlock and maybe move on, there is then the chance, the shelf space will be freed up for something truly new, interesting and more worthy of a listing.

Happy 10th Birthday, Twitter!

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It may seem like only yesterday to many when Twitter launched online, a mere two years after social media rival giant Facebook. It has revolutionised the way in which we communicate with people, forever. From viral Oscar selfies to *notorious* celeb rants, the social network has enabled their 500 million users to share and engage with many memorable moments.

Twitter is 10!Starting of as a foreign idea, limiting what someone could say to only 140-characters was unheard of, and seemed downright  impossible. Thankfully, it’s here to stay (with the exception of Direct Messaging) according to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey

But 10 years later, Twitter has stormed through and truly embedded itself as the master of all communication platforms. Twitter has changed customers relationships with brands, for better and for worse. Twitter has rapidly gained worldwide popularity, handling 1.6 billion search queries per day and accumulating over 500 million tweets each day.

However, the question still remains: How can brands win on Twitter?

We’ve compiled our Top 1 Twitter Stats to answer just that!

  1. Power of Visuals: Tweets with images get 150% more retweets, 89% more favourites and 18% more clicks than those without.
  2. Videos Work Too: Tweets with videos get 28% more retweets.
  3. Display Excitement: Tweets with exclamation points get more retweets per follower than those without.
  4. Build With Numbers: Tweets with numbers or digits receive 17% more retweets.
  5. Engaging Hashtags: Tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted than those without. The “most tweeted hashtag tradition” is #FF, short for “follow Friday,” with 539 million mentions. Another interesting reference to note: the 5 most retweeted words are “you”, “Twitter”, “please”, “retweet” and “post”. So, if you want more retweets, just ask for them.
  6. Length Matters: Tweets between the lengths of 71 and 100 get the highest number of retweets.
  7. Time Matters Too: The best time to post of Twitter is between 12pm and 3pm, Monday to Friday.
  8. 24 Minute of Fame: It takes a tweet 24 minutes to receive half of its retweets. This is the pinnacle of all its engagement. Receiving retweets may continue, but it will be incomparable to the initial spark. For maximum engagement, schedule your tweets with 24 minute intervals.
  9. Mention Others: Tweets containing ‘Via’ and ‘@’ have higher click-through rates on their links. The best way to use the word and the symbol is by mentioning others. Make a point to mention others and credit people in your tweets. When giving credit to other sources of information, such as sharing links, it’s recommended that you should place links early on in the tweet. In fact, links placed about 25% of the way through the tweet receive the greatest engagement.
  10. Finally, Share More Links! Users who share more links in their tweets gain more Twitter followers. Why? You are making your content interesting and keeping your followers amused.

Like to discuss your Social Media Marketing Strategy in more detail? Drop us an email here.

Happy 10th Birthday, Twitter! Here’s to the next decade… We look forward to the further opportunities you present to brands and customers alike!

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How To Approach Content Creation.

How To Approach Content Creation.

Do we really spend the time required preparing the content we post? I am not talking about checking spelling or indeed correct grammar; if the same rules even exist on social posts? Rather, does it really have relevance for your audience?

In reality, posting content requires little effort; a ReTweet , a banal observation, or a picture of a cute kitten /puppy with a ‘hilarious’ meme! But really, does it engage or influence your audience? It is unlikely, at least in a meaningful way.

Content deserves more substance and as a pre requisite, relevance. This will in turn provide the potential to influence.

So, how do you create more relevant content? The answer is not ground breaking. Its obvious and logical manner is it’s great strength. At The LCA Agency. We call it R.I.S.E. It is comprised of nothing more earth shattering than Research – Insight – Strategy – Engagement.

Undertaking Research into your market and potential prime prospects does require effort and potentially investment. However even the smallest business, has the capability to delve into the social canvas, to explore what their potential customers are saying about what they like or are experiencing from competitors. To dive deeper into the conversation, investing in a Social Listening platform (such as Nuvi, our MarTech partner) will reveal valuable data. You can invest further in qualitative and/or quantitative research if you have the budget, but the principle remains the same, research the market first, test those hypotheses.

The second phase of Insight is what you will garner from the research. It’s always great to suddenly have a ‘Eureka’ moment when analyzing research results. There will always be something new, an insight or hopefully insights that will positively influence or challenge your thinking and understanding. We all hold hypotheses about our businesses, testing them in research and getting the actual results as insights can be a challenge, but it is a necessary process.

With Research and Insights you can start to formulate your social media strategy. How much easier and reassuring it is to Strategise when you can back up the original hypothesis, having undertaken the Research and pulled out the Insights.

With a Strategy thought through and metrics established, moving to Engagement and finally writing that Content now forms part of a more structured approach. Your content should be founded in the Research and Insights. This will ensure relevance to your business strategy and be more meaningful to your audience profile. It is though, an ongoing process, what holds true today may not tomorrow, your content should reflect this.

To discuss the R.I.S.E approach in more detail contact Robert on

Grow Your Audience By Enhancing The Social Canvas in 2016.

Ah January, full of the best intentions and hopeful resolutions. It’s one of our favourite months. Why? It’s full of new opportunity to make positive change happen. Why not harness this enthusiasm for change and improvement and channel it into your social media marketing; or your social canvas as we refer to it here at The LCA Agency. It’s where ‘Moment Marketing’ happens.

There’s 2 billion social media users worldwide. That figure is increasing day by day due to the growth of mobile and technology. In a nutshell, you won’t have any other choice but to make 2016 your most social-centric year yet.

We’ve put together the Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2016 to help you “Grow Your Audience By Enhancing The Social Canvas in 2016.” (Spoiler alert: It’s all about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.)

  1. Channel Meshing

Don’t take a “one for all” approach when creating content for different social media channels. Think laterally. Think relevancy. Remember who your audience is on each channel. Deliver specific content that speaks to specific audiences on those channels. Leverage the strengths of each channel to create content that is most relevant to consumers who use that platform.

2. The Paid-For Social “Arms Race”

Facebook’s new and innovative features has catipulted its advertising and marketing capabilities to the next level, including an integration of photo ads, webpages and carousel ads to maximise your paid promotion.

With “Buy Now” buttons on Facebook and Twitter, consumers will be able to make online purchases on social channels without any interruption i.e. being diverted away from the platform. By doing so, you can greatly reduce the steps involved in the “path to purchase” of your products or services, and losing potential consumers to competitors as a result of comparison shopping.

On Instagram you can now run photo, video and carousel ads with call-to-action links to ultimately increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

3. Live Streaming

Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook have grown the market for “Live” broadcasting, our MarTech partner Radio+Video platform delivers an incredible opportunity to connect with consumers on a new level. This bespoke “Live” streaming platform facilitates authentic, interesting visual content.

4. Advocates or Devil’s Advocates

Do you know what people are saying about your brand online, or are you even listening? Social Media Listening is pivotal. Our MarTech partner Nuvi delivers precise Sentiment Analysis, identifies Key Influencers and can measure viral- co-efficiency, providing key consumer insights into your brand. This enables you to monitor the entire conversation online both positive and negative

5. Consumption By Video

We just can’t get enough. YouTube, Snapchat and Periscope. Millions of monthly users visit these platforms every day to consume video content. To be a successful marketer you will require an agile and responsive strategy to deliver compelling content more quickly and efficiently.

If you’d like to how we can help you make proactive changes to your social media approach, reach out to us here.

Make 2016 your most engaging year to date!


Radio + Video

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Bring audio to life. Engage listeners. Boost revenues.
The only platform for social radio visualisation. Capture a new generation of listener, engage current audiences, and generate more revenue.

A simple observation

Younger people don’t much listen to radio. Mostly, they get their audio pleasure from other, online services. These services are immediate and combine music with some form of screen-based interaction.

A clear vision

Radio+Video was founded to create a visual experience for radio broadcast. Our simple, powerful platform mixes audio with dynamic camera inputs, strong visualisations and social media interactions.

A powerful mission

To bring radio to new listeners. To keep audiences engaged in new ways. To build new revenue streams for broadcasters.